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Hacking Movies {recommendation}

I’ve just finished watching a hacking Mobile called Who am i ..actually it’s a German Movie and it’s  so nice .. if u r interested in knowing more about the Hacking major .. so this movie is gonna be so helpful to this field is looks like and it will let u be so excited to discover more about it .

also there’s another movie called Algorithm it’s about Hacking too but Actually it’s not that good like the last one ..

also I recommend u watching the MR Robot series .. it’s really nice and by the way it’s still broadcasting on the publisher’s website who are USAnetwork USAnetwork ..

I’m following it right now and it’s really nice !!


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Turkey’s Coup ! is over#Turkey #TurkeyCoup


Flag_of_Turkey.svgI was watching the latest news about the Turkish Coup all the yesterday’s night..

what’s happened that  some secular soldiers and officers has tried to make a coup .. they’ve closed the Ataturk Air plane and some other important places in Turkey like the Phosphor bridge..

but the Turkish people ain’t that easy to steal there freedom safely .. after the President Erdogan talking to the CNN ..millions of them stayed up and went to the streets protesting against  the coup then after just some hours they were able to stop everything and finally the President Erdogan has back again to Istanbul  and told the people that I’ll be with u I won’t left u .. by the beginning of the morning the Turkish people did it and finished this coup and most of the putschists are in the Gail right now,,

here are some footage that I’ve picked from Twitter which showing the Turkish people braveness

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also u can check the latest news from here

and here’s a video by Aljazeera (Arabic) summarize what’s happened

Well done Turkey 🙂

and well done #Erdogan


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Friends day for 2015