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My first Indonesian speech Competition

as I have mentioned here and here  and here i was working on preparing for my indonesian speech competition, and the final results are.

  1. in the first round : I have ranked the 4th out of 9 in the culture center in Cairo.
  2. in the finals : I have ranked the 5th out of 12 in both the culture center in Cairo and Ismailia.

here’s some photos of the great moments that I had right there besides the awards from the Indonesian embassy.

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Actually, it was a great experience , in those couple of weeks I’m honored to know a lot of great friends like Adham , Ali osama ,Arwa , Fouly , Esraa ,  Dalal , Asmaa  and many others.

I loved this community actually , and the indonesian community is of the best too!

it was a nice challenge too to get into the language directly, I’ve gained a lot of experience through this challenge .

hopefully I could be the in the 1st place at the next year! :))

finally and most importantly

I have to thank my indonesian friends who helped me so much to do it and they are :-

Hana , mba Nur , Rizka , Titin , Mohamed Irfan.

also my Friend Mahmoud Zarif who was supporting me all the time ❤

thanks so much guys! 🙂 ❤
I’m very lucky actually cause I have such sort of friends 🙂


Achievements, General Notes

My first Project in Free Code Camp!

just finished my first website in the Free Code Camp

check it from –>here 



Dr. Norman Borlaug

The man who saved a billion lives

Dr. Norman Borlaug, second from left, trains biologists in Mexico on how to increase wheat yields – part of his life-long war on hunger.


Here’s a
time line of Dr. Borlaug’s life:

  • 1914 – Born in Cresco, Iowa
  • 1935 – Has to stop school and save up more money. Works in the Civilian Conservation Corps, helping starving Americans. “I saw how food changed them”, he said. “All of this left scars on me.”
  • 1933 – Leaves his family’s farm to attend the University of Minnesota, thanks to a Depression era program known as the “National Youth Administration”
  • 1937 – Finishes university and takes a job in the US Forestry Service
  • 1938 – Marries wife of 69 years Margret Gibson. Gets laid off due to budget cuts. Inspired by Elvin Charles Stakman, he returns to school study under Stakman, who teaches him about breeding pest-resistent plants.
  • 1941 – Tries to enroll in the military after the Pearl Harbor attack, but is rejected. Instead, the military asked his lab to work on waterproof glue, DDT to control malaria, disenfectants, and other applied science.
  • 1942 – Receives a Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Pathology
  • 1944 – Rejects a 100% salary increase from Dupont, leaves behind his pregnant wife, and flies to Mexico to head a new plant pathology program. Over the next 16 years, his team breeds 6,000 different strains of disease resistent wheat – including different varieties for each major climate on Earth.
  • 1945 – Discovers a way to grown wheat twice each season, doubling wheat yields
  • 1953 – crosses a short, sturdy dwarf breed of wheat with a high-yeidling American breed, creating a strain that responds well to fertalizer. It goes on to provide 95% of Mexico’s wheat.
  • 1962 – Visits Delhi and brings his high-yielding strains of wheat to the Indian subcontinent in time to help mitigate mass starvation due to a rapidly expanding population
  • 1970 – receives the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1983 – helps seven African countries dramatically increase their maize and sorghum yields
  • 1984 – becomes a distinguished professor at Texas A&M University
  • 2005 – states “we will have to double the world food supply by 2050.” Argues that genetically modified crops are the only way we can meet the demand, as we run out of arable land. Says that GM crops are not inherently dangerous because “we’ve been genetically modifying plants and animals for a long time. Long before we called it science, people were selecting the best breeds.”
  • 2009 – dies at the age of 95

“Borlaug’s life and achievement are testimony to the far-reaching contribution that one man’s towering intellect, persistence and scientific vision can make to human peace and progress.”

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

If you have time, you should read more about this incredible human being on his Wikipedia entry.

Written and coded by Ahmed Ayman.


Achievements, General Notes

my first venture (Set Elbait Startup)

**check the Experience points bellow**

Two weeks ago I was sitting with my friend Mahmoud Amin talking about the MIT enterprise forum pan Arab competition which is about creating a startup which is using a mobile app.

Then Mahmoud told me that he was planning for an Idea related to the Home food.

then after some planning and designing,we decided to join the competition with that idea and the Company name will be Set Elbait (an Arabic word means the Homewife).

however, there were less than a week to submit the idea and the business model ..we started designing and planning then started working on the Business Model just 10 hours before the deadline 😀 which was 21-Aug-16 at the midnight

then,we submitted the application  10 mins after the deadline lol 😀

fortunately in the next day we got an E-mail telling us that the deadline has extended to the 28th of August .. so we started building the business model again and started creating a video better than the first one.

it took  a lot of time from us too as we were doing our best to achieve better Quality.

and finally we submitted the Application 18 mins after the 2nd deadline 😀


the 2nd Video 🙂

and this is the 1st xD

and here’s the Platform (website and Mobile app and currently this edition is just for Prototyping) .

so here’s the Website.

and here’s the Android App (just copy and paste the link in ur browser)

iPhone (the same with Safari):

**what I’ve learned from this experience.

  • I’ve studied lots of topics specifically Business topics like how to make a business model and other topics. I recommend this website btw
  • learned more about the Cross-platform apps and how to create a mobile app from a website.–> check AppyPie
  • also I’ve learned more about the Video editing with Filmora and Focuskey Apps.
  • and some other practical experience too 🙂

-I totally agree with anyone who says that if u really wanna be something …then u’ve to start doing even with a mistakes coz u absolutely will learn from ur mistakes..that’s what we’ve done we’ve done a lot of mistakes in the first time then we’ve created more better project after learning from our mistakes.

Currently,we are waiting  for the 1st filtration to know if we will be accepted or no ..

hope to do it 😀

29-Aug-16 (Set Elbait — done by me and my friend Mahmoud Amin and we are a sophomore students in the Computer Engineering Faculty ( Al-Azhar university) right now)


my 2nd achievement in the web development​ track

today I’ve finished the w3 schools Html exercises. 🙂

2016-08-29 (1)

and the 1st achievement was this simple web design project which is about “dating website” and it was for the Coursera web development Full stack Course.

2016-08-29 (2).png



English Conversation Course (2)

this month I’ve finished the second Course of the English Conversation on Edraak platform.

it was such a nice Course ..I learned so much from it ..

here’s the certificate 🙂



Edrak’s certificate 


and here’s the Course if u’d like to check it out..


Happy learning 😀


Learn How To learn Certificate


I have finished the Learn How To learn Course ..

here’s my certificate ^_-

thank’s Dr. Barbara Oakley & Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

Learn to learn