Achievements, General Notes, My Indonesian Bahasa Journey

My first Indonesian speech Competition

as I have mentioned here and here  and here i was working on preparing for my indonesian speech competition, and the final results are.

  1. in the first round : I have ranked the 4th out of 9 in the culture center in Cairo.
  2. in the finals : I have ranked the 5th out of 12 in both the culture center in Cairo and Ismailia.

here’s some photos of the great moments that I had right there besides the awards from the Indonesian embassy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actually, it was a great experience , in those couple of weeks I’m honored to know a lot of great friends like Adham , Ali osama ,Arwa , Fouly , Esraa ,  Dalal , Asmaa  and many others.

I loved this community actually , and the indonesian community is of the best too!

it was a nice challenge too to get into the language directly, I’ve gained a lot of experience through this challenge .

hopefully I could be the in the 1st place at the next year! :))

finally and most importantly

I have to thank my indonesian friends who helped me so much to do it and they are :-

Hana , mba Nur , Rizka , Titin , Mohamed Irfan.

also my Friend Mahmoud Zarif who was supporting me all the time ❤

thanks so much guys! 🙂 ❤
I’m very lucky actually cause I have such sort of friends 🙂



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