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Mobile Developer Weekend 2017

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MDW is an annual event hosted by the ITI in the Smart Village in Egypt.

actually, I have attended the last year’s event as well and this year was like the past year , full of a lot of workshops and sessions about the latest updates in the Mobility world!

there were about 60 workshops and sessions in 3 days by 40 instructors, as well as a Hackathon about the tourism and the heritage.

what I have attended is:-

* a great session by Waleed Fahmy (the Founder of WebKeyz) he was talking about the UX and what you should consider before working on any project.

* session about the security by professor Sherif Elksas about the ” Security Challenges and Opportunities”

* intro to JS by Aly Alzayodi from Samsung R&D Jordan.

* then on the second day I have attended a session about HERE location platofrm by Eng, Mohamed Abdeljalil.


* Eng, Mohammed Atia talked about the moodle LMS

* Eng, Mona Shorkof from Agile Arena talked about what is being Agile.

* then a Hello World in VR and AR.

* then a session about an introduction to Tizen by Aly Alzyoudy and Abdullah Hassan from Samsung R&D Jordan.

then I and my friend Mohamed Afifi started working on a the Hackathon project which was about Digital Guide for Al-Moez street in Egypt, we used drupal CMS to build a web system, actually, we stayed the night working on it, however, this really tiring day that was full of workshops and sessions.

on the 3rd day , I just completed working on the project and finally presented it with my friend.

also during the 3 days I have met a lot of new people like :-

Waleed Yasser : CS student at Amlansoura who is a VR passionate and he gave me an overview about the VR and how to develop it from

and there were sessions and workshops about:-

* 4G Opportunities and What is Next?

* Mobile Security

* Market trends and opportunities

* Successful case studies for Mobility

* Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

* Cognitive Computing and data extraction

* User Experience

* M-Health and Health Care

* M-Learning

* Wearables

* Agility

here’s some of the my photos there 🙂

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