General Notes

ByeBye 2016 : )

it’s been a year since I’ve started this blog..
in this post, I’m gonna summarize what I’ve done this year!
– participated in the Game Jam summit –> and I’ve done my 1st Game with one of my best friends check it out 😉 .

– Accepted in MAL scholarship –> and done my 1st Android App, u can check it out from here –>

-Accepted in the Google Study Jam for Android and created another Android app.

-finished my junior computer Engineering year with a very good Grade.

-Started working at Creative bits -> I was assisting in teaching the Children how to create simple robots.

-started learning about the Machine learning and I detected that I’ve to strength my Mathematical background.

-Attended the GoogleDevFest at Cairo.


-who ate my cheese.

-an Arabic book called “my Journey from the doubt to fatih” by Dr,Mostafa Mahmoud.



  • Started learning Japanese and I’ve finished the Kana letters and some basic phrases.
  • Chinese also some basic Phrases.
  • besides some basics of Spanish and German.
  • currently, I’m concentrating on Indonesian and hopefully, I can speak it fluently this year 🙂

also I’m planning to concentrate more on the Math topics, I’m gonna start with the Calculus then some Advanced Algebra Topics then I’ll start again looking at the Machine learning.

Hopefully, I can achieve those aims and challenges this year! 🙂

finally !

Happy New Year for everyone.. a new year and new inspirational spirit and Challenges 😉
Fireworks light up the sky at Marina Bay in Singapore


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