Achievements, General Notes

my first venture (Set Elbait Startup)

**check the Experience points bellow**

Two weeks ago I was sitting with my friend Mahmoud Amin talking about the MIT enterprise forum pan Arab competition which is about creating a startup which is using a mobile app.

Then Mahmoud told me that he was planning for an Idea related to the Home food.

then after some planning and designing,we decided to join the competition with that idea and the Company name will be Set Elbait (an Arabic word means the Homewife).

however, there were less than a week to submit the idea and the business model ..we started designing and planning then started working on the Business Model just 10 hours before the deadline 😀 which was 21-Aug-16 at the midnight

then,we submitted the application  10 mins after the deadline lol 😀

fortunately in the next day we got an E-mail telling us that the deadline has extended to the 28th of August .. so we started building the business model again and started creating a video better than the first one.

it took  a lot of time from us too as we were doing our best to achieve better Quality.

and finally we submitted the Application 18 mins after the 2nd deadline 😀


the 2nd Video 🙂

and this is the 1st xD

and here’s the Platform (website and Mobile app and currently this edition is just for Prototyping) .

so here’s the Website.

and here’s the Android App (just copy and paste the link in ur browser)

iPhone (the same with Safari):

**what I’ve learned from this experience.

  • I’ve studied lots of topics specifically Business topics like how to make a business model and other topics. I recommend this website btw
  • learned more about the Cross-platform apps and how to create a mobile app from a website.–> check AppyPie
  • also I’ve learned more about the Video editing with Filmora and Focuskey Apps.
  • and some other practical experience too 🙂

-I totally agree with anyone who says that if u really wanna be something …then u’ve to start doing even with a mistakes coz u absolutely will learn from ur mistakes..that’s what we’ve done we’ve done a lot of mistakes in the first time then we’ve created more better project after learning from our mistakes.

Currently,we are waiting  for the 1st filtration to know if we will be accepted or no ..

hope to do it 😀

29-Aug-16 (Set Elbait — done by me and my friend Mahmoud Amin and we are a sophomore students in the Computer Engineering Faculty ( Al-Azhar university) right now)


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