General Notes

{update} my Japanese Progress..

hey everyone .. as I’ve mentioned here I was planning to learn Japanese in just one year .. and I’ve finished the KANA (Hiragana & Katakana) but when I started the Kanji I struggled so much with it … actually it needs a lot of time and a lot of effort ..

I’ve asked some Egyptian students who are learning Japanese in the Faculty and they’ve told me that I’ve to take some lessons before starting the Kanji /_\ so I decided to stop learning it for a while till gathering the cost of the lessons and I’m gonna start learning the next language in my list which is German..

I’m gonna start it from today with average 20 minutes per day .. beside my other programming learning stuff.. I know that 20 mins are so little but  the Continuation is more important .. {less time but everyday}!

so,. if u interested in learning German . let’s keep in touch and start it together

I’ll see ya later : )

japanese : Mata tode ^^

Arabic : أراكم قريبا


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