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MAL (Mobile Application launchpad)

actually I have started the training in this scholarship since 28-feb-2016

it’s a scholarship brought and sponsored  by  Google , Udacity and MCIT {egyptian Ministry of Communication and information technology}.

this scholarship is covering a big part of learning android actually it’s about following some free Course on Udacity u can join it even you ain’t a trainee ..

here’s the Course Link :!/c-ud853ar

if u wanna an Egyptian and wanna apply just search about Mobile Application launchpad on FaceBook , u can check the website

and absolutely don’t be hesitate to ask me 😉

Good luck ^_-


General Notes

Learning language and it’s effects

actually I believe that Learning languages and talking to people from another countries is the most effective way to spread the peace that’s for some reason’s  :-

now it’s to tell me what’s ur opinion?


Hey ^_-

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General Notes

free Certificate from Coursera

How to have a certificate from Coursera ‪#‎free‬

(if u really worth the financial aids).
‪#‎follow‬ the  below steps….

by the way u can check my website to see one of my certificates to see how awesome is it : D

1- choose ur course and under the “Enroll” Button u will find this phrase –> Learn more and apply
(the selective part in the image).
#click_it and go for the below steps



2-after clicking learn and more Link …u’ll find the below page
u have to answer these questions honestly and write ur amount if income ..

Screenshot 2016-03-01 20.12.17

3- then select the certifying check box and click on the sumbit button..

Screenshot 2016-03-01 20.12.20


4- check ur mail     😉
Congrats 😀
after u finish the course u will find the certificate available for u 😉

Screenshot 2016-03-01 20.16.28

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#happy_learning 😉