General Notes

Hi There ^_^

Here’s My First Post ..

Firstly I’ll let you know me ..

I’m Ahmed Ayman,, Right now {Dec,. 2015} I’m a Student at Faculty Of Computer Engineering  Al-Azhar University in Cairo ..

by the way it’s my first year in the department of Computer Engineering ..

I created this Website cause I wanna share with you every week what I have Learnt from the Courses which I following.. I’m Interested in Software major and  right now I have some Experiences with Java and C++ Programming ..

actually also FYF I a don’t like learn from any platform which will cost me any money I have Decided to learn without paying any pound and by the way I have Learned the above Two Programming  Languages free without any cost .. ^^

“I Will learn without any cost” you can do it also..

we have a lot of online sources , just you should have A passion for learning ,  Google it  and then you will find a lot of sites which Including  “Massive Open Online Course ” that’s gonna benefit you 🙂

I recommend you these Websites :

so ,, here I’ll Post what I have Learnt along the week , talking with way about the happiest moments of my life , and uploading my Experiments in this life ^^

that’s all for now ^^

See you soon


Ahmed Aymanat AUC


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